Across America, lining our roads and highways, are reminders of lives lost. Memorials erected in the wake of tragedy by grieving loved ones. English has no word for them, but the Colonial Spanish, from who we adopted the tradition call them ‘Descansos.’ Rarely noticed by us as we pass-by in our cars they are uniquely intimate memorials placed in an public venue. Physical manifestations of that which was lost. In my work with descansos, I seek to bring to light these roadside shrines that are so often overlooked. Each image is printed from a glass-plate negative using 19th century photographic techniques. A method that inherently speaks to us of that which has passed and evokes the Victorian tradition of memento mori.

Descanso 11, Tucson
Descano 10, Tucson

Descano 7, Tucson

Descano 6, Tucson

Descano 9, Tucson

Descanso 8, Tucson



2Descano 1, Tucson

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