A European model for America?

     I discovered this wonderful article in The Guardian by Clair Biddles about how Glasgow created a wonderful and vibrant arts scene and a very supportive gallery system. 


     One must wonder if this would be a useful model for many American cities to emulate. The tiering of the system seems very wise, and you will note that it mentions council galleries, which would be galleries run by a town or city government.  Another European feature that is to be admired in this case.  In fact, a tiered system would greatly benefit the city I am in now due to a massive gap between the local fine art museum (we are blessed with an excellent one that ranks very highly,) and the local art scene.  Sadly, the art scene would rather stay the same out of some unknown urge.  Which is a pity, because they would only benefit from such a change.  Perhaps another municipality should look into this.  I

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