Spelunking at the PEM

This is the first in a (hopefully) semi-educational series on contemporary art in general.  Let’s see if all ummm… 1 of my followers like it.  I hope to follow up with other posts.

Last month I had the joy of seeing artist Nick Cave (no, not the singer, although I have gotten drunk with him in the past,) do a performance at the Peabody Essex Museum.  As openings/events (can it be an opening midway through the show?) go it was spectacular. The entire museum space was turned into a giant performance space with viewers able to walk through and interact with the performers as the chose to.  And honestly, if you were a kid, you had the best time ever.  Cave’s performance really resonated with kids in the audience. I am sure they had more fun that the adults.  Especially since it was a cash bar and not an open one.  My only wish would have been to see it timed on a weekend afternoon so more kids could come.  It was surely one of those events that makes at least a few children lifelong arts fans.


Enough of me though.  On to the video!




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